I Suggestions For Obtaining Service For Your

Vehicle 280

  1. Prepare For The Appointment 280

  2. Prepare A List 280

  3. Be Reasonable With Requests 280

If You Need Assistance 280

  1. Warranty Information 283

  2. Mopar® Parts 284

  3. Reporting Safety Defects 284

In Canada 284

I Publication Order Forms 285



Prepare For The Appointment

If you’re having warranty work done, be sure to have the right papers with you. Take your warranty folder. All work to be performed may not be covered by the warranty, discuss additional charges with the service manager. Keep a maintenance log of your vehicle’s service history. This can often provide a clue to the current problem.

Prepare A List

Make a written list of your vehicle’s problems or the specific work you want done. If you’ve had an accident, or work done that is not on your maintenance log, let the service advisor know.

Be Reasonable With Requests

If you list a number of items, and you must have your vehicle by the end of the day, discuss the situation with the service advisor and list the items in order of priority. At many dealers you may obtain a rental vehicle at a

minimal daily charge. If you need a rental, it is advisable to make these arrangements when you call for an ap­pointment.


The manufacturer and its dealers are vitally interested in your satisfaction. We want you to be happy with our products and services.

Your selling dealer is best equipped and most anxious to provide prompt resolution for any warranty issue or related matter that you may experience. The manufactur­er’s dealers have the facilities, factory-trained techni­cians, special tools, and the latest information to assure your vehicle is fixed correctly and in a timely manner. The manufacturer has empowered its dealers to make warranty and repair decisions that ensure you are not inconvenienced. There is no need for you to wait for a decision from the manufacturer. If a special circumstance occurs that requires information from the manufacturer, we have asked the dealer’s service management to make the contact on your behalf.


This is why you should always talk to your dealer’s service manager first. Most matters can be resolved with this process.

  1. If for some reason you are still not satisfied, talk to the
    general manager or owner of the dealership. They
    want to know if you need assistance.

  2. If your dealership is unable to resolve the concern, you
    may contact the Manufacturer’s Customer Center.

Any communication to the Manufacturer’s Customer Center should include the following information:

  1. Owner’s name and address

  2. Owner’s telephone number (home and office)

  3. Dealership name

  4. Vehicle identification number

  5. Vehicle delivery date and mileage

DaimlerChrysler Motors Corporation Customer Center

P.O. Box 21-8004

Auburn Hills, MI 48321-8004

Phone: (800) 992-1997

DaimlerChrysler Canada Inc. Customer Center

P.O. Box 1621

Windsor, Ontario N9A 4H6

Phone —(800) 465-2001

In Mexico contact:

Av. Prolongacion Paseo de la Reforma, 1240

Sante Fe C.P. 05109

Mexico, D. E

In Mexico (915) 729-1248 or 729-1240

Outside Mexico (525) 729-1248 or 729-1240

Customer Assistance For The Hearing Or Speech Impaired (TDD/TTY)

To assist customers who have hearing difficulties, the manufacturer has installed special TDD (Telecommuni­cation Devices for the Deaf) equipment at its Customer Center. Any hearing or speech impaired customer who has access to a TDD or a conventional teletypewriter (TTY) in the United States can communicate with the manufacturer by dialing 1-800-380-CHRY.


Service Contract

You may have purchased a service contract for your vehicle to help protect you from the high cost of unex­pected repairs after your manufacturer’s new vehicle limited warranty expires. The manufacturer stands be­hind only the manufacturer’s Service Contracts. If you purchased a manufacturer’s Service Contract, you will receive Plan Provisions and an Owner Identification Card in the mail within three weeks of your vehicle delivery date. If you have any questions about your service contract, call the manufacturer’s Service Contract Na­tional Customer Hotline at 1-800-521-9922.

The manufacturer will not stand behind any service contract that is not the manufacturer’s Service Contract. It is not responsible for any service contract other than the manufacturer’s Service Contract. If you purchased a

service contract that is not a manufacturer’s Service Contract, and you require service after your manufactur­er’s new vehicle limited warranty expires, please refer to your contract documents, and contact the person listed in those documents.

We appreciate that you have made a major investment when you purchased your new vehicle. Your dealer has also made a major investment in facilities, tools, and training to assure that you are absolutely delighted with your ownership experience. You’ll be pleased with their sincere efforts to resolve any warranty issues or related concerns.



See your manufacturer’s Warranty Information Booklet for information on warranty coverage and transfer of warranty.


1 Yr/ 12,000

2Yr/ 24,000

3Yr/ 36,000

3Yr/ 50,000

3Yr/ Unlmtd

5Yr/ 100,000

7Yr/ 70,000

8Yr/ 80,000

Basic Limited Warranty Coverage

Special Extended Warranty Coverage

Powertrain Limited Warranty ($100 deductible)

Anti-Corrosion Perforation Limited Warranty: All Panels

Outer Panels Federal Emission Warranty

Federal Emission Warranty -Specified Components

California Emission Warranty

California Emission Warranty -Specified Components

2nd Owner if and3r

Powertrain Not Tr d (And After) Own

ansferred re

NOTE: Vehicles used as a police vehicle, taxi, limousine, postal delivery vehicle, ambulance or rental vehicle are covered only under the 3 year/36,000 mile Basic Limited Warranty.




Mopar® fluids, lubricants, parts, and accessories are available from your dealer. They will help you keep your vehicle operating at its best.


In the 50 United States and Washington D.C.: If you believe that your vehicle has a defect which could cause a crash or cause injury or death, you should immediately inform the National Highway Traffic Safety Administra­tion (NHTSA) in addition to notifying the manufacturer.

If NHTSA receives similar complaints, it may open an investigation, and if it finds that a safety defect exists in a group of vehicles, it may order a recall and remedy campaign. However, NHTSA cannot become involved in individual problems between you, your dealer, and the manufacturer.

To contact NHTSA, you may either call the Auto Safety Hotline toll free at 1-800-424-9393 (or 366-0123 in Wash­ington DC area) or write to: NHTSA, U.S. Dept. of Transportation, Washington DC 20590. You can also obtain other information about motor vehicle safety from the Hotline.

In Canada:

If you believe that your vehicle has a safety defect, you should contact the Customer Service Department imme­diately. Canadian customers who wish to report a safety defect to the Canadian government should write to Transport Canada, Motor Vehicle Defect Investigations and Recalls, 2780 Sheffield Road, Ottawa, Ontario K1B 3V9.



To order the following manuals, you may use either the website or the phone numbers listed below. Visa, Mas­tercard, American Express, and Discover orders are ac­cepted. If you prefer mailing your payment, please call for an order form.

NOTE: A street address is required when ordering manuals. (No P.O. Boxes).

Service Manuals.

These comprehensive service manuals provide the information that students and professional technicians need in diagnosing/troubleshooting, problem solving, maintaining, servicing and repairing DaimlerChrysler Corporation vehicles. A complete working knowledge of the vehicle, system and/or components is written in straightforward language with illustrations, diagrams and charts.

Diagnostic Procedure Manuals.

Filled with diagrams, charts and detailed illustrations, these practical manuals make it easy for students and

technicians to find and fix problems on computer-controlled vehicle systems and features. They show exactly how to find and correct problems the first time, using step-by-step troubleshooting and driveability procedures, proven diagnostic tests and a complete list of all tools and equipment.

Owner’s Manuals.

These manuals have been prepared with the assistance of service and engineering specialists to acquaint you with specific Chrysler group vehicles. Included are starting, operating, emergency and maintenance pro­cedures as well as specifications, capabilities and safety tips.

Call Toll Free at 1-800-890-4038 (U.S.) or 1-800-387-1143 (Canada)


Visit us on the World Wide Web at:


www.techauthority.daimlerchrysler.com www.daimlerchrysler.ca/manuals


288 INDEX ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Ø

About Your Brakes 177

Add-A-Trunk 65

Adding Washer Fluid 155

Air Cleaner, Engine 234

Air Conditioner Maintenance 235

Air Conditioning 151

Air Conditioning Controls 152

Air Conditioning, Operating Tips 154

Air Conditioning Refrigerant 236

Air Filter 234

Air Pressure, Tires 192

Airbag 22

Airbag Deployment 27

Airbag Light 29,118

Airbag Maintenance 29

Airbag On/Off Switch 26

Alignment and Balance 195

Alterations /Modifications, Vehicle 8

Antenna, Satellite Radio 147

Antifreeze (Engine Coolant) 258

Anti-Lock Brake System 179

Anti-Lock Warning Light 119

Appearance Care 248

Ashtray 62

Ashtrays and Lighter 62

Automatic Dimming Mirror 46

Automatic Transmission 165,245

Adding Fluid 246

Fluid and Filter Changes 245

Fluid Level Check 245

Fluid Type 245

Gear Ranges 166

Shifting 165

Special Additives 246

Torque Converter 170

Auxiliary Electrical Outlet 63

Auxiliary Power Outlet 63

Battery 234

Emergency Starting 216

Voltmeter 116

Belts, Drive 231

Belts, Seat 17

Body Mechanism Lubrication 237

Brake System 243

Anti-Lock 179

Hoses 243

Master Cylinder 244

Parking 175

Warning Light 119

Brakes 177

Brake/Transmission Interlock 166

Break-In Recommendations, New Vehicle 39

Bulb Replacement 257

Calibration, Compass 47

Capacities, Fluid 258

Caps, Filler

Fuel 200

Power Steering 236

Car Washes 249

Carpeting 252

Cassette Tape and Player Maintenance 148

Cassette Tape Player 126,130,132,140,142

Catalytic Converter 232

Caution, Exhaust Gas 40

CD Changer 133,138

CD Player 128,135,137

CD Player Maintenance 149

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Ø INDEX 289

Cellular Phone 149

Chains, Tire 196

Changing A Flat Tire 213

Chart, Tire Sizing 185

Check Engine Light 118

Child Restraint 29,33,36

Child Restraint Tether Anchors 33

Cigar Lighter 62

Climate Control 149

Clock 120

Clutch Interlocking Ignition System 160,165

Compact Disc Maintenance 149

Compact Disc Player 140

Compass 46

Compass Calibration 47

Compass Variance 48

Console 65

Console, Floor 65

Contract, Service 282

Converter, Catalytic 232

Cooling System 239

Adding Coolant (Antifreeze) 241

Coolant Capacity 258

290 INDEX ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Ø

Coolant Level 241

Disposal of Used Coolant 240

Drain, Flush, and Refill 239

Inspection 239

Points to Remember 242

Pressure Cap 241

Selection of Coolant 240,258

Temperature Gauge 118

Corrosion Protection 248

Crankcase Emission Control System 234

Cruise Control 60

Cruise Light 116

Cup Holder 64

Customer Assistance 280

Daytime Running Lights 58

Dealer Service 227

Defroster, Rear Window 154

Defroster, Windshield 151,153

Delay Wipers 58

Deploying, Airbag 27

Diagnostic System, Onboard 225

Dimmer Switch, Headlight 57


Oil (Engine) 228

Disabled Vehicle Towing 219


Engine Oil 231

Used Coolant 240

Door Locks 15

Doors 15

Drive Belts 231

Driving 181

Off-Pavement 181

Off-Road 181

On Hills 182

On Slippery Surfaces 181

When to Use Low Range 181

Dual Top 66

Electrical Outlet, Auxiliary 63

Electrical Power Outlets 63

Electronic Speed Control 60

Emergency Brake 175

Emergency, In Case of

Brake Warning Light 119

Coolant Temperature Gauge 118

Engine Oil Pressure Gauge 117

Jacking 211

Jump Starting 216

Emission Control System Maintenance .... 226,262


Air Cleaner 234

Block Heater 162

Break-In Recommendations 39

Compartment 224

Exhaust Gas Caution 40

Fails to Start 161

Flooded, Starting 161

Fuel Requirements 197,258

Jump Starting 216

Oil 228,258

Oil Disposal 231

Oil Filter 231

Oil Pressure Gauge 117

Oil Selection 258

Overheating 210

Starting 160

Temperature Gauge 118

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m INDEX 291

Engine Oil Viscosity Chart 230

Entry System, Illuminated 15

Exhaust Gas Caution 40

Exhaust System 238

Extender, Seat Belt 21

Exterior Finish Care 249

Fabric Care 250,252

Fabric Top 250


Air Cleaner 234

Engine Fuel 234

Engine Oil 231

Finish Care 249


Hazard Warning 210

Turn Signal 116

Flooded Engine Starting 161

Fluid Capacities 258

Fluid Level Checks 248

Automatic Transmission 245

Engine Oil 228

Manual Transmission 247

292 INDEX ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Ø

Power Steering 236

Fog Lights 58

Folding Rear Seat 52

Folding Windshield 102

Four Wheel Drive 170

Shifting 171

Four Wheel Drive Operation 170

Front Axle 248

Fuel 197

Filler Cap 200

Filter 234

Gasoline 197

Gauge 120

Materials Added 199

Octane Rating 197

Requirements 258

Tank Capacity 258

Fuel System Caution 200

Fuses 254

Gas Cap 200

Gasoline 197

Gasoline, Reformulated 198

Gasoline/Oxygenate Blends 198


Coolant Temperature 118

Fuel 120

Odometer 119

Oil Pressure 117

Speedometer 117

Tachometer 116

Voltmeter 116

Gear Ranges 164,166

Glass Cleaning 252

Glove Compartment 65

Hard Top 78

Hard Top Removal 79

Hazard Warning Flasher 210


Dimmer Switch 57

Switch 57

Heater 150

Heater, Engine Block 162

High Beam Indicator 117

Holder, Cup 64

Hood Release 55

Hoses 242,243

Hydraulic Clutch Fluid 246


Key 11

Illuminated Entry 15

Infant Restraint 29,30

Inflation Pressure Tires 192

Inside Rearview Mirror 46

Instrument Cluster 115

Instrument Panel and Controls 114

Interior Appearance Care 252

Interior Fuses 254

Interior Lights 56

Intermittent Wipers 58

Introduction 4

Jack Location 211

Jack Operation 214

Jacking Instructions 214

Jump Starting 216

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m INDEX 293

Key, Programming 13

Key Release Button 11

Key, Replacement 13

Key, Sentry 12

Key-In Reminder 12

Keys 11

Lane Change and Turn Signals 116

Lap Belts 17

Lap/Shoulder Belts 17

LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tether

for CHildren) 33

Lead Free Gasoline 197

Lighter, Cigar 62

Lights 56

Airbag 29,118

Anti-Lock 119

Anti-Lock Warning 119

Brake Warning 119

Check Engine 118

Check Gauges 118

Cruise 116

294 INDEX ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Ø

Daytime Running 58

Dimmer Switch, Headlight 57

Fog 58

Headlight Switch 57

High Beam 117

High Beam Indicator 117

Instrument Cluster 57

Interior 56

Lights On Reminder 57

Low Fuel 120

Passing 57

Seat Belt Reminder 117

Sentry Key 116

Turn Signal 58,116

Upshift Indicator 117

Warning (Instrument Cluster Description) . . . 116

Loading Vehicle

Tires 188

Locks 15

Door 15

Steering Wheel 14

Lower Anchors and Tether for

CHildren (LATCH) 33

Lubrication, Body 237

Lug Nuts 215

Maintenance, Airbag 29

Maintenance Free Battery 234

Maintenance Procedures 228

Maintenance Schedule 262

Schedule "A" 274

Schedule "B" 265

Maintenance Schedules 262

Malfunction Indicator Light 118,226

Manual, Service 285

Manual Transmission 163,246

Fluid Level Check 247

Lubricant Selection 246

Shift Speeds 164

Master Cylinder 244

Mirrors 46

Automatic Dimming 46

Compass/Temperature 46

Outside 49

Rearview 46

Modifications/Alterations, Vehicle 8

Mopar Parts 227,284

Multi-Function Control Lever 56

New Vehicle Break-In Period 39

Occupant Restraints 16

Octane Rating, Gasoline 197

Odometer 119

Trip 119

Off-Pavement Driving 181

Off-Road Driving 181

Oil, Engine 228

Capacity 258

Dipstick 228

Filter 231

Identification Logo 230

Materials Added to 231

Recommendation 230,258

Viscosity 258

Onboard Diagnostic System 225,226

Outside Rearview Mirrors 49

Overheating, Engine 210

Owner’s Manual 285

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Ø INDEX 295

Paint Care 248

Paint Damage 248

Parking Brake 175

Passenger Airbag On/Off Switch 26

Passing Light 57

PCV Valve 234

Pets 39

Pets, Transporting 39

Placard, Tire and Loading Information 188

Polishing and Waxing 249


Distribution Center 256

Steering 236

Pregnant Women and Seat Belts 21

Preparation for Jacking 213

Pressure Gauge, Oil 117

Radial Ply Tires 193

Radio 122,130,135,140

Radio Broadcast Signals 121

Radio Operation 130,135,149

Radio, Satellite 145

Rear Axle 248

296 INDEX ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Ø

Rear Window Defroster 154

Rear Window Features 154

Rear Wiper/Washer 155

Rearview Mirrors 46

Reclining Front Seats 50

Recommended Fluids, Lubricants and Genuine

Parts 259

Recreational Towing 205

Shifting into Transfer Case Neutral (N) 205

Shifting out of Transfer Case Neutral (N) ... 206

Reformulated Gasoline 198

Refrigerant 236

Release, Hood 55

Reminder, Lights On 57

Replacement Bulbs 257

Replacement Keys 13

Replacement Parts 227

Replacement Tires 194

Reporting Safety Defects 284

Restraints, Child 29

Restraints, Occupant 16

Rotation, Tires 196

Safety Checks Inside Vehicle 41

Safety Checks Outside Vehicle 41

Safety Defects, Reporting 284

Safety Information, Tire 184

Safety Tips 40

Satellite Radio 145

Satellite Radio Antenna 147

Schedule, Maintenance 262

Seat Belts 17

Adjustable Upper Shoulder Anchorage 21

And Pregnant Women 21

Child Restraint 29,36

Extender 21

Front Seat 17

Reminder 117

Seats 50

Adjustment 50

Rear Folding 52

Rear Seat Cushion Removal 53

Reclining 50

Tilting 51

Selection of Oil 230

Sentry Key 12

Sentry Key Programming 13

Sentry Key Replacement 13

Service Assistance 280

Service Contract 282

Service Manuals 285

Setting the Clock 120

Shift Indicator Light 117

Shift Speeds, Manual Transmission 164

Shifting 163

Automatic Transmission 165

Manual Transmission 163

Shoulder Belt Upper Anchorage 21

Shoulder Belts 17

Signals, Turn 58,116

Snow Chains 196

Snow Plow 205

Soft Top 82

Spare Tire 213

Spark Plugs 232


Fuel 197

Oil 230

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Ø INDEX 297

Speed Control 60

Speedometer 117

Starting 160

Automatic Transmission 160

Emergency (Jump Starting) 216

Engine Block Heater 162

Engine Fails to Start 161

Manual Transmission 160

Starting Procedures 160


Power 236

Tilt Column 60

Wheel Lock 14

Wheel, Tilt 60

Storage 65,256

Storage, Vehicle 256

Storing Your Vehicle 256

Supplemental Restraint System - Airbag 22

Tachometer 116

Temperature Gauge, Engine Coolant 118

Tether Anchor, Child Restraint 33

Tilt Steering Column 60

298 INDEX ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Ø

Tire and Loading Information Placard 188

Tire Identification Number (TIN) 187

Tire Markings 184

Tire Safety Information 184

Tires 191

Air Pressure 192

Alignment 195

Alignment and Balance 195

Balancing 195

Chains 196

Changing 211,213

General Information 191

High Speed 193

Inflation Pressures 192

Jacking 214

Load Capacity 188

Pressure Label 192

Radial 193

Replacement 194

Rotation 196

Sizes 185

Spare Tire 213

Spinning 193

Tread Wear Indicators 194

Wheel Nut Torque 215

To Open Hood 55

Torque Converter Clutch 170

Towing 202,219

Disabled Vehicle 219

Recreational 205

Trailering 202

Trac-Lok Rear Axle 173

Trailer Towing 202

Hitches 197

Transfer Case 247

Four-Wheel-Drive Operation 170

Maintenance 247


Automatic 165

Maintenance 245,246

Manual 163

Shifting 163

Transporting Pets 39

Tread Wear Indicators 194

Trip Odometer 119

Trip Odometer Reset Button 119

Turn Signals 58,116

Underhood Fuses 256

Upholstery Care 252

Vacuum/Vapor Harnesses 242

Variance, Compass 48

Vehicle Identification Number 7

Vehicle Modifications/Alterations 8

Vehicle Storage 256

Vinyl Trim 252

Voltmeter 116

Warning Lights (Instrument

Cluster Description) 116

Warnings and Cautions 7

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Ø INDEX 299

Warranty Information 283

Washer, Adding Fluid 155

Washers, Windshield 238

Waxing and Polishing 249

Wheel Alignment and Balance 195

Wheel Changing 211

Wheel Mounting 215

Wheel Nut Torque 215

Windshield Defroster 151,153

Windshield, Folding 102

Windshield Washer Aiming 238

Windshield Washers 58,238

Fluid 238

Windshield Wiper Blades 237

Windshield Wipers 58

Wiper, Rear 155