1988 Jeep Cherokee

Wheel Alignment



Before making wheel alignment adjustment, perform the following checks:

  1. Tires should be equal in size and runout must not be
    excessive. Tires and wheels should be in balance, and inflated to
    manufacturer’s specifications.

  2. Wheel bearings must be properly adjusted. Steering linkage
    and suspension must not have excessive looseness. Check for wear in
    tie rod ends and ball joints.

  3. Steering gear box must not have excessive play. Check and
    adjust to manufacturer’s specifications.

  4. Vehicle must be at curb height with full fuel load and
    spare tire in vehicle. No extra load should be on vehicle.

  5. Vehicle must be level with floor and with suspension
    settled. Jounce front and rear of vehicle several times and allow it
    to settle to normal curb height.

  6. If steering wheel is not centered with front wheels in
    straight-ahead position, correct by shortening one tie rod adjusting
    sleeve and lengthening opposite sleeve equal amounts.

  7. Ensure wheel lug nuts are tightened to torque