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1988 Jeep Cherokee


Cherokee, Comanche, Grand Wagoneer, Pickup, Wagoneer, Wrangler




  1. Remove screws attaching shift lever boot to floorpan.
    Slide boot over lever. On models with T-176 transmission, press and
    turn shift lever retainer counterclockwise to release lever.

  2. Remove lever, boot, spring and seat as an assembly. On all
    models, raise vehicle and support with safety stands. Disconnect rear
    drive shaft from transfer case and wire out of way.

  3. DO NOT allow shaft to hang free, as damage to universal
    joint may result. Disconnect front parking brake cable at equalizer.
    Remove rear cable clip from crossmember.

  4. Place a jack under clutch housing to support engine.
    Remove rear crossmember from frame. Disconnect speedometer cable,
    back-up light switch wire and 4WD indicator switch wire.

  5. Disconnect transfer case vent hose. Disconnect front drive
    shaft and wire out of way. On Wrangler, remove transfer case shift
    lever by removing shifter shaft retaining nut.

  6. Remove cotter pins retaining shift control link pins in
    shift rods and remove pins. Remove shifter shaft and disengage shift
    lever from shift control links. Move lever out of the way.

NOTE: On some models, shifter shaft must be unthreaded from shift lever in order to be removed. On other models, shaft can be removed by sliding it out of lever.

  1. Remove cotter pin and washers connecting link to shift
    lever. Separate link from lever. Support transmission and transfer
    case with jack.

  2. Remove bolts securing transmission to clutch housing and
    remove transmission and transfer case. Separate transfer case and


  1. Install pilot bushing lubricating wick and align throw out
    bearing with splines in driven plate hub. Shift transmission into gear
    using shift lever or a long screwdriver. This prevents clutch shaft
    from rotating during installation and makes clutch shaft-to-driven
    plate spline alignment easier.

  2. Mount transmission on transmission jack. Raise
    transmission and align transmission clutch shaft with splines in
    driven plate hub.

  3. When transmission is seated on clutch housing, install and
    tighten transmission-to-clutch housing bolts. Apply Permatex No. 3
    sealer to both sides of replacement transmission output shaft and
    transfer case input shaft splines.

  4. To install transmission, reverse removal procedure. Adjust
    clutch and shift linkage.



Application Ft. Lbs. (N.m)

Transmission-to-Clutch Housing 55 (75)

Transmission Cover Bolts 55-65 (75-88)

Housing-to-Transmission Case 40-45 (54-61)

Crossmember Attaching Bolts 34-40 (46-54)

Filler Plug 13-15 (18-20)